Who We Are

BYM IS NOT A SPORTS AGENCY. We are a consulting service for athletes during their amateur athletic career. We offer service during an athlete’s recruitment process and life after the recruiting process. Our number one goal is to get each one of our athletes into a college that is the BEST fit for them. We DO NOT SELL DREAMS , WE MAKE DREAMS HAPPEN.

For many families, this is the first time their son or daughter will be going through the recruiting process. The truth is the majority of high schools do not have ATHLETIC PROGRAMS; They have HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS. The difference between the two is this; High Schools that have athletic programs have the ability to attract top talent to play at their school, and their program is in the constant ranks of playoff and state championship runs. As a result, these programs get the most college scouts at their games and camps, which leads to more exposure for their athletes. 

BYM’s purpose is to educate athletes and their families on the recruiting process and life after signing a national letter of intent. During this time BYM will help student-athletes get in contact with college coaches to earn scholarships. We will stay on top of your athlete’s grades. We will find them, tutors, if they are struggling academically. We will get them FREE practice SAT/ACT tests to prepare them to qualify for college. We will discuss the types of passions your athlete has and look into schools that have the programs of your athlete’s interest. We will teach them financial literacy which includes understanding credit, checks and balances, budgeting, and spending habits. We call this the BYM MAP! We truly believe in investing in our clients. 

 BYM focuses on under the radar athletes and blue-chip athletes. We guide them into the eyes of the right coach, and program that will help them be successful in life after sports .  



Dae Rodriguez is the EXPERT of BYM Sports. She started this journey by helping her brothers get recruited which she was successful at. Her brothers played at Concord U, FAU and WMich. Her passion has been to help student-athletes succeed in life since then. She has a MBA in Sports Management.