College athletic recruiting for both scholarship and non-scholarship student-athletes naturally accelerates the college search process. Starting this process early is necessary so student-athletes have ample opportunities to market themselves to college coaches in order to gain exposure and receive critical feedback on their potential level of college play. 


We treat all of our athletes as students first. We help student-athletes with the following guidance as part of their college search process:

  • Obtain honest evaluation of student-athlete’s athletic talent level
  • Educate family members of the recruiting process.
  • Discuss athletic strengths/weaknesses linked to personality type
  • Review NCAA rules and regulations including the NCAA eligibility process
  • Provide strategies for effective self-marketing to college coaches
  • Explore the pros and cons of NCAA Division I, II, and III


The number one reason why college athletes need consultation services is to provide information that will keep them in compliance with the NCAA rules & regulations. 

Our services will also teach student-athletes to develop timelines for their academic achievements so that they remain elligble to play and most importantly graduate with a degree.

In addition to focusing on academics, our consulting services will help athletes decide if their choice of education and institute is the right place for him or her to excel.



Whether football , tennis or basketball, boxing or equestrian sport: professional athletes need a clear head for their sport. At the same time, a professional athlete is also always a business person, who should handle their financial present and future cleverly. And there are many difficult decisions.

BYM Sport's consultants for professional sports offer you complete advice on all branding and marketing matters of business, therefore contributing to the economic success of professional athletes. 

Amongst others, we support our clients at club events both at home and abroad, with advertising contracts with local & national sponsors.

Our aim is the long term securing of your sport and economic market position. Side by side with your manager or as exclusive partner: our consultants’ all-round package creates the necessary security.


Be Your MVP Sports has a consulting firm that develops you from an athlete into a brand.

Athlete branding is the art of cultivating and maximizing fan awareness and loyalty; perceived value and qualities; and strong, favorable, unique associations for an individual athlete.

Are you ready to be the MVP of your brand? Then contact us.

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